Lacosamide on background eeg activity in brain tumor‐related epilepsy patients: A case series study

Pubblicato in Brain and Behavior, 2018

Autori: Marta Maschio, Alessia Zarabla, Andrea Maialetti, Francesca Sperati, Loredana Dinapoli, Sabrina Dispenza, Gianluca Petreri, Tonino Cantelmi
Objective: Therapeutic doses of antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) may alter EEG background activity, which is considered an index of the functional state of the brain. Quantitative analysis (qEEG) of EEG background activity is a valid instrument to assess the effects of many centrally active drugs on the central nervous system, including AEDs. Lacosamide (LCM) is a new AED that could be a valid therapeutic choice in patients with brain tumor-related epilepsy (BTRE).
Methods: We used qEEG to analyze the possible effect of LCM as an add-on, on background EEG activity after 4 months in patients with BTRE.
Results: We consecutively recruited sixteen patients with BTRE: Five dropped out for disease progression, five for scarce compliance, and six completed the study. For these reasons qEEG was performed at first visit and after 4 months only in six patients. For all frequency bands, LCM revealed no changes of mean relative power during rest with eyes closed, hyperpnoea (HP), and mental arithmetic task (MA); significant increment was found only in the theta mean relative power during opening and closing eyes (BR). After four months of therapy with LCM, one patient was seizure free, four had a seizure reduction ≥50%, and one showed a worsening in seizure frequency <50%.
Conclusion: Despite the limitation of a small series, these findings suggest that LCM seems to have only a mild interference on EEG background activity and confirm that LCM has a good efficacy on seizure control in patients with BTRE. This is the first study that evaluates the effect of LCM on background EEG activity, using qEEG in BTRE patients. Future research in this area could include prospective studies with qEEG for a longer follow-up period to assess the impact of AEDs on brain functions in this particular fragile patient population.

[PDF] Lacosamide on background eeg activity in brain tumor‐related epilepsy patients: A case series study